Calling All Captains - 'nothing grows here' LP. Vinyl record against a white background. The cover depicts a dilapidated house covered in graffiti, with a clear blue sky above it. Against the sky are the words "CALLING ALL CAPTAINS" and "nothing grows here". There is a vinyl record behind the album cover, which is white with blue splatters.

Calling All Captains

Nothing Grows Here • White W/ Blue Splatter • Limited to 250
Vinyl case with an image of a grey coffin on top of grass.  The vinyl sticking out of the side of the case is a blue and black mix.

Calling All Captains

Slowly Getting Better • Blue/Black • Limited to 250
Cream colored short sleeve shirt with CALLING ALL CAPTAINS written across the chest in black font. Above the text there is a small red rose.

Calling All Captains

Slowly Getting Better • Natural • T-Shirt
from $25.00
Black pullover hoodie with CALLING ALL CAPTAINS written in red font across the chest. On both sleeves there are drawings of lifesavers, beer, pills, and syringes.

Calling All Captains

Vices • Black • Pullover Hoodie
from $45.00
Square CD with text in the top left corner that says CALLING ALL CAPTAINS. In the center there is a white coffin surrounded by trash all over the ground.

Calling All Captains

Slowly Getting Better • CD
Square CD with an image of a house with graffiti on the back. The sun is casting shadows over the house. There is white text in the sky that says CALLING ALL CAPTAINS.

Calling All Captains

Nothing Grows Here EP

Luc Gauthier - Vocals
Brad Bremner - Guitar
Connor Dawkins - Guitar
Nick Malychuk - Bass
Tim Wilson - Drums


Supported by relentless touring and a homegrown attitude, Calling All
Captains have been able to push the boundaries and limits of being a
band from the Prairies of Canada.

After announcing their signing to the seminal Equal Vision Records,
the group released their label debut EP ‘Nothing Grows Here’ on February
8, 2019. The five-song EP was written and recorded in Edmonton, Alberta
teaming up with local producer Quinn Cyrankiewicz. Contrary to the name
of the EP, the band has seen an impeccable amount of growth within
their home region selling out local venues, most recently supporting The
Offspring in Alberta, as well breaking ground touring nationally in
Canada and internationally in the UK & USA.

“We’ve always been a band that did what we wanted for ourselves
because we had been told for years that it didn’t matter,” explains
vocalist Luc Gauthier. “Western Canada and more specifically Edmonton is
not a music mecca that would ever offer us an opportunity to ‘make it’.
In a way, this album was cathartic, that our hard work was worth it. In
another way, it was the middle finger to everyone who doubted us and
told us ‘Nothing Grows Here.’”

With an open road and a busy tour schedule, there’s no slowing down
Calling All Captains. They plan to bring their emotionally energetic
show to cities around the world, defeating all odds against them. The
main focus is simple: release music, tour, show the world what they’ve