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Neil Rubenstein
'Have Some Dignity' Bundle

Pre-Order & Shipping January 2024

1 • 12" - Opaque Yellow with Black Splatter - Limited to 250
5 • 4" x 4" Stickers
1 • Guitar Pick


Side A

1. Introduction (Taking Back Sunday)
2. Small Town
3. Last June 
4. Celebrity Lookalikes
5. Big Guy
6. MMA Lessons
7. This Is My Airplane Joke
8. Mopping
9. This Is My Weed Joke
10. Stay Home!
11. Delivery
12. The Animals

Side B
13. Refused The Meds
14. Red Flags
15. Trust No One
16. Let’s Go Brandon
17. Send ‘em To Space
18. Insurance Is A Scam
19. No Kids
20. Apologies To The Fine People of Fort Wayne, Indiana
21. Norman Rubenstein
22. This Is My Human Trafficking Joke
23. Concerns, Mostly
24. The Title Track
25. Coming Out
26. Toxic Friends

Pressing Limit - 250 Opaque Yellow with Black Splatter 

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