The background of this album is yellow.  On the left side of the LP are 3 figures, one is blue, the other is white, and the last one is pink.  Next to the pink figure is a red building.  The White figure extends to the middle of the album, and in the middle of the white figure reads MANIPULATOR as well as 3 brown diamonds.  In the bottom corner of the album reads THE FALL OF TROY in large brown letters.  The vinyl itself is pink with a marble design.
Fall Of Troy • Manipulator • Pink/Black Marble • Limited to 500

Fall Of Troy • Manipulator • Pink/Black Marble • Limited to 500

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The Fall of Troy
Manipulator (Double LP)

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Variant: Pink/Black Marble
Limited to 500

Track List:

LP1 • Side A
1. Cut Down All The Trees and Name The Streets After Them
2. The Dark Trail
3. Quarter Past

LP1 • Side B
4. Problem!?
5. Semi-Fiction
6. Oh, The Casino!

LP2 • Side A
1. Sledgehammer
2. Seattlantis
3. Ex-Creations

LP2 • Side B
4. Shhh! If You're Quiet I'll Show You A Dinosaur
5. Caught Up
6. A Man. A Plan. A Canal. Panama.

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