Vinyl jacket with white text that says HAIL THE SUN written in the top right corner. There is yellow text in the bottom right corner that says WAKE. The album artwork is three cloaked creatures standing around a coffin with a green alien inside. The background is tall snowy mountains and grass. There is a purple vinyl peeking out of the side.
Wake • Light Purple • Limited to 1,000

Wake • Light Purple • Limited to 1,000

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Hail The Sun

Variant: Light Purple
Limited to: 1,000

Track List:

LP1 • Side A
1. Rolling Out the Red Carpet
2. Human Target Practice
3. Black Serotonin
4. Mourning Sickness
5. Falling On Deaf Ears
6. Cosmic Narcissism

LP1 • Side B
7. Relax / Divide
8. Disappearing Syndrome
9. Missed Injections
10. Hanging Revelation
11. Jane Doe
12. Anti-Eulogy (I Hope You Stay Dead)

Pressing Limit - 1,000 Light Purple

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