Black vinyl back with white text across the top that says HAIL THE SUN. Below that there is smaller white text that says MENTAL KNIFE. The center of the jacket is an old radio with the Hail The Sun logo in the center in blue (circle with three lines coming out of the bottom). The radio is sitting on a granite reflective surface. There is a blue and black vinyl peeking out of the jacket.
Mental Knife • Blue/Black Cornetto  • Limited to 250

Mental Knife • Blue/Black Cornetto • Limited to 250

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Hail The Sun
Mental Knife

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Variant: Blue/Black Cornetto
Limited to: 250

Track List:

LP1 • Side A
1. Gouge & Uproot
2. Mental Knife
3. Suffocating Syndrome
4. Devotion Cuts
5. The Stranger in Our Pictures
6. A Lesson in Lust

LP1 • Side B
7. Risk/Reward
8. Feel It When Convenient
9. Arcane Justice
10. Glass: Half-Empty
11. On Existence

Pressing Limit - 250 Blue/Black Cornetto

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