Purple tshirt with scratchy style yellow text reading Bitter Branches on the top part of the shirt with a yellow outline of a pig face below. Pink Xs are drawn over the pig's eyes and pink lips are drawn over the pig's snout.
Back of purple tshirt, small yellow box near the neck of the shirt that says EVR in yellow text over a rectangle with the reverse right below, this time with the EVR letters in pink ink in a yellow rectangled. All outlined by a thin pink line and a thicker yellow outline.

Along Came A Bastard • Purple • T-Shirt

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Bitter Branches
Along Came A Bastard  T-Shirt
Color: Purple

• Iconic Design
• This Shirt has printing on the front, and on the back.

The Shirt is printed on Bella Canvas, a premium crafted T-SHirt with USA-made quality and a strong Eco-Friendly process. All shirts are made responsibly to minimize their ecological footprint at every stage of the production process.

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