"Lacerate" (Official Music Video)

      Stephen Christian - Vocals
      Joey Milligan - Guitar
      Christian McAlhaney - Guitar
      Deon Rexroat - Bass
      Nate Young - Drums


      Having reunited in 2019, Florida’s Anberlin is back with its first
      body of work in 8 years. The result is the 5-song self-produced
      ‘Silverline’ EP, an ultra-vivid collision that explosively draws its
      power from soaring vocals and alt-rock and pop anthems that are
      immaculately crafted with equal parts emotion and intensity. Each song
      unfolds with a delicate balance of defiance and sensitivity.

      While Anberlin has been composing music together for over 20 years,
      there’s something new and exciting about this collection of songs, as
      they both cater to their current audience while bridging them into
      different soundscapes. Anberlin is anxious to return to the club and
      festival circuits this summer to support the new release.

      While Anberlin may have been away from the party, they will always remain the life of it.